Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm an Idiot

I’m in Accra again; I forgot to take my meds with me to my site and had to go all the way back, which means I missed another day of classes, spent ten valuable bucks, and have to languish on a bumpy five hour ride from and to my site. Fun part is I got to see two friends at the office as well as rapaciously eat a tasty meal at the Ghana Army Mess Hall food just down from the Peace Corps office. One of my friends had malaria for two weeks, and she came down with a pretty serious fever. I'm the first non-Ghanaian she's seen since site, and we caught up before I left for my site. Her other friend is coming tomorrow, so at least she'll have good company.

I found out yesterday that another one of my friends in my group is ETing (early termination, which puts the number at 6 people from our group. I heard he’ll be here tomorrow, so I’m missing him by one day. I can’t even call him. I happened to be in Accra to bid farewells to my other friends, but I’m missing this guy by one day; I can’t even get a hold of him by phone. I learned Tuesday that our country director is leaving as well in mid-December. I really look up to this guy, and we had some good conversations; I’m going to try to get in a game of tennis before he leaves. He’ll be replace by an ex- Marine/ Peace Corps Volunteer who we’ll meet in a few months.

On to lionizing my friend Jack- We were talking on the phone yesterday and I heard all this commotion like students fighting over something in the background. Apparently, Jack has night classes from 8-9 everyday, helping students with test-taking & computer skills. I don’t do anything but teach. I haven’t really done anything yet with my students, and I’m jealous every time I here all the great things other PCVs are doing. I’m still trying to figure out what my students can benefit the most from before I announce anything. For now, I just help the Form 3 students after school with whatever questions they have.

Another bat flew into my home yesterday, the second one this month. Again, like the last one, I had to get a chair in between me and the winged rodent so that it safely flies out of my home. I’ve also had to chase some chicks out of my home, as well as some pesky goats I alluded to last time. This morning, as I was rushing out of my home at two AM, I noticed a communion wafer-sized spider come out from under my bed. I grabbed one of my Tupperware containers, caught it, and released it before catching the bus bound for Accra.

When I get back home today, my neighbor’s kids and I are making peanut butter using the grinding bowl (see below). Per usual, I’m loading the mix up with tons of sugar. Then, reading time with the kids IF it is not too dark out. I'm still working on getting my dog to at least play fetch, and I might squeeze that in too if I have the time.

Music to complement this entry:

Help!- The Beatles
Kola Kola- The Clash
A Well Respected Man- The Kinks
Gone- Kanye West
Soul Call- Soul Rhythms
Ghost Town- The Specials
Rosa Parks- Outkast

Wine to complement this entry:

2005 Ravenswood Zinfandel

The Country Director for Peace Corps Ghana

Jack and I

My friend Jen (far right) who I saw in Accra

Ma Dog

Making Peanut Butter

My front porch where the children and I read

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